Tuesday, November 12, 2013

C4T #4

          Yet again I feel like I have had the luck-of-the-draw when it comes to any C4- assignments. Comments 4 Teachers #4 proved very interesting and insightful; as the name "Moving at the Speed of Creativity" has sparked some curiosity. The blog is run by Wesley Fryer who has had made a tremendous impact throughout his educational career. Fryer is the author of two books, "Mapping Media to the Common Core: Vol I." and "Playing with Media: Simple Ideas for Powerful Sharing"; he has a Ph. D in Curriculum and Instruction, he is a Google Certified teacher, an Apple Distinguished Educator, and has presented numerous speeches. So I am really looking forward to reading his blog and finding tips and ideas I can use from here on out. If any of you are interested in his blog here is the link: http://www.wesfryer.com

Comment #1:

          Comment number one was on his second most recent post called "Podcast410: Powerful listening - Powerful Influence: A Conversation with Tim Hast." Tim Hast is a friend of Wesley and also the author of the book "Powerful Listening. Powerful Influence. Work Better. Live Better. Love Better: by Mastering the Art of Skillful Listening." Tim's book focuses s on people that already obtain skills on and off the professional world, but are missing that spark or that one skill that really bridges the gap of communication. Therefore, the podcast was mainly about listening and why skills for listening are so important in the classroom, the home and so many other places.

          Within the first two minutes, Hast made a statement that said, "Anyone in life is more successful if they learn to listen and listen skillfully." He gives an example of a employee who comes to his manager and discusses a problem and in how in our fast paced society, that manager will say, "Oh yea, we will fix it." and then gets brushed to the side. If that manger would just invest two or three minutes to really hear and understand that employee, the manager really has a chance to resolve a deeper problem. He also uses an example of when couples fail to listen to each other, and how any other relationship for that matter need skillful listening. Communication is the number one component in an intimate and business relationships.

          Hast also shared some findings of some research he conducted recently. He found that the US Department of Labor conduced a study and found that in order to remain competitive in the 21st century-on, we need to teach active listening skills at the elementary and secondary levels; it needs to be part of the curriculum. He said there are four simple tips to improve listening: (1) Listen Patiently, when someone is speaking to you, don't be thinking about your answer or other things, focus on them. (2) Listen with your body, body language! (3) Listen with your voice, anything that reinforces the fact that you are listening and interested. (4) Listen with your mind, if you visualize what the person is telling you, you will be able to understand more efficiently and be more engaged.

        When I left my comment, the first thing I stated was that this post was a slap back to reality. I discussed how lately I haven't been listening; especially to my friends and family. I talked about how just last night my best friend was telling me a story, and I found my mind  wandering off thinking about other things. Is this the way I would want to be treated? Because I definitely wouldn't want someone looking at their phone, texting and looking into space while I am talking to them. Another thing I dislike about when I don't listen is that when I come back to the story I have no idea what is going on, so I can't empathize with the person.

       Listening is key to understanding, especially when you are dealing with teaching elementary students. It is absolutely crucial that you listen and understand your students; it is part of the learning experience. You listen to your students and you adjust and respond accordingly, listening can be the window to success. The things I learned from this podcast will be put into use right away! Because I want treat others how I want to be treated. The four things we learned will also go into my everyday life as well as in my elementary curriculum. I realized from this post that listening is such a needed skill for success in the 21st century and centuries to come. It is my duty as a teacher to the absolute best I can to ensure the success of my students.

Comment #2:

       Okay, I seriously couldn't have been more lucky when it comes to "Comments 4 Teachers". The post that I got to read and comment on was a perfect subject for what is going on in my life; the tittle is "Empowering Women, Worldwide by Creative, Handmade Designs." In this blog post Freyer got to meet with Nicole Moore. Nicole Moore is part of an organization called Creative Women of the World; which is a non-profit organization that helps support women in other countries that are starting out with a small business. This blog includes includes about a three minute video, in which she explains what this organization does, and how the selling of their handmade products can make a huge impact.

       What was truly amazing about being assigned to this post was that during Nicole's speech, she talks about living in Africa and how they need education. She says that people really don't understand the impact that education can have on these people. This is crazy because it has been my dream to go join the Peace Corps and teach in Africa and to give all I have into giving someone else education, who cannot afford it, or is less fortunate than me.

      I am also a firm believer in empowering women and diminishing gender roles. One of my main goals as a future teacher is to knock down these so called "gender roles" and have equality for everyone. Often by being born a female, the world makes us grow up to believe that we they are superior and cannot compete against a male. Women are often objectified and mocked, while men take on the "leader" roles. We see Disney cartoon of princesses waiting for a strong man to save her; then often as we grow up...there are some female hero's, but they are often sexualized, materialized, and glamorized. I want young girls to empower themselves and use their education to grow and change history.  I think receiving this post wasn't just coincidence.  I want to do my best to educate these young women to become strong, self motivated leaders.

      When I left the comment, I just talked about how exciting it was to see someone, especially another women, standing up for change. She is working hard to raise money for a non-profit organization, not something a lot of people would do. I told him that I appreciate and respect him so much for being a male and fighting for the cause of women. I told him often people do not see the struggle women have now a days, or maybe they see it and do not acknowledge it. Either way I thanked him in his support of the Creative Women of the World.

    Towards the end, Freyer left some pictures and some snapshots for the online store of the CWOW, which is http://cwow.storenvy.com. Check it out for yourself

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