Monday, November 18, 2013

PLN Project #2: Final Report

          I haven't added much to my personalized learning network since you guys last saw my first report. I added a few more tiles; ones that I discovered I would need chronically in my future and that I find useful in EDM. I have still have been using the Symbaloo site for my personalized learning network, and I use it every single day as my homepage. I have introduced it and recommended it to everyone who is constantly surfing the web.

           If you look directly under my Google Drive button, you will see a white tile with an orange "R". This is iRubrics; an absolutely amazing sites where you can search through thousands of rubrics and even create your own. If you use rubrics for any grade level, I highly recommend this site, you can create an account for FREE. Another great thing about iRubrics is when you log on, you can touch or click on the rubric and grade without ever using paper. Curious? To find out more, check it out for yourself!

            The next is the Teaching Tolerance website tile. It is located directly to the right of iRubrics; green background with a small square tile. I have turned to the Teaching Tolerance website for many of my diversity and multicultural educational lesson plans and ideas for classes. It provides a variety of subject and topics that can be incorporated into any grade school classroom, or can even be altered to service college students. I have referenced the Teaching Tolerance website many times in my classes this semester, and I know I will continue to use it throughout my teaching career.

            Now, to the right to the Teaching Tolerance website is my SMART Board website tile. EDM 310 is all about incorporate technology in your classroom; one major way has been through the SMART Board. I use this tile to take me to the websites resources, interactive lesson plans and downloadable content for the SMART Board. I want to familiarize myself with it now so I wont be a spring chicken when using the SMART Board in my first few years of teaching. I have visited this site many times throughout EDM 310 and decided it was time for this website to have its own special tile. 

          To the right of that is my Google Sites tab. I added this tile when for project #14 lesson plans where it was an option to use Google Sites to house all the details of our lesson plans. Ever since I have fallen in love with Google Sites. It's such a perfect site and you can use it for any presentation. Instead of jamming all of my information on a Presentation, or Power Point, you can easily create a site. I had to make Google Sites a tile because I found myself using it for the next lesson plan, and then another lesson plan in a different class. Google Sites can be so informative, especially if your classroom is technology friendly and is a frequent user of blogs. Google Sites is so easy to work, it took me three minutes to learn how to create a site. If you're a teacher who encourages technology in your classroom. CHECK OUT THIS SITE!

          The huge compass tile underneath the iRubrics file is the Alabama College and Career Ready Standards. We reference these all the time in EDM 310. We use them for many activities including all of our lesson plans, I will continue to use them throughout my entire career. Now, last but not least, underneath the Google Sites tile I added a Hotmail tile because I have a Windows email address. 

           After creating and getting accustomed to my personalized learning network, there is no way I would go back to the way I used to run things of always typing and switching through tabs. Symbaloo has made my life so much more organized, it has allowed me to personalize down to a T, how I want it set up. I don't know what I would do without it and my future students are most definitely going to have their own personalized learning network.

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